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Things to Note about the American Dream

Early immigrants to the US had to bump into the Statue of Liberty. Beyond reasonable doubt, the Statue of Liberty is the first thing that these new Immigrants bumped onto. The Statue of Liberty did signify an integral message and fact to these immigrants; a fresh start. Therefore, the Statue became and has been an iconic symbol that promotes a new start and opportunities; the American Dream. Below are some fundamental things to note about the American Dream.

It doesn’t matter where a person comes from or where they are dwelling at but all people are equal. The Statue of Liberty was a fundamental way for signifying equality in democracy, rights, opportunities and a promising life. the constitution preamble and the Declaration of Independence overly enhances and promotes the American Dream and the ideologies it stands for.

The government is obligated with the task of protecting the populaces’ rights. As much as a person’s happiness is concerned, they should be able to pursue their personal and individual ideologies. the government is obligated to avail support to these populaces hence enhancing the American Dream.

There is no doubt that the Declaration of Independence has promoted and enhanced the American Dream from the word go. The founding fathers had a belief that a man in their pursuit to happiness and implementing their ideas tends to be creative and overly ambitious. Therefore, the American Dream did pave way for persons who aspires a good and an attractive life. As a person defines their idea or goals, they will. Have to march towards achieving the goals.

Through the American Dream, Populaces enjoyed democracy. Apart from paying taxes, a person should vote or elect their leaders and this is democracy. Through the leaders, the people had hopes for a better future. When it came to legal cases and commotions, a jury was to settle the case objectively and in an unprejudiced manner. The nation experienced and enhanced and elevated free trade.

In a theoretical setting, the American Dream made sure to protect the Americans’ dream, rights and opportunities for a fruitful future. Populaces through the protection availed by the American Dream were able to give their utmost to the society or rather the community which was a plus. As a result, the nation upgrades and so is the happiness and lives of the fellow citizens.

In the world today, there are so many nations which have not only borrowed but have been following the American Dream keenly. As a result, these nations has managed to replicate the development experienced by the US and augment the same in their nations. As a result, these nations have been recording free trade hence an advanced economy.

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